Lucille Mathis & Holly St. James

I'm Not Your Regular Women/That's Not Love


Sold Out

Lucille Mathis was a two-release mystery on the Abet label back in 1968. ‘I’m Not Your Regular Women’ is a girl power anthem that was way ahead of its time. The flipside of ‘Am I Asking Too Much’; it’s a stormer powered by roll-heavy drums and some great brass stings that goes for around £300 these days.

Cut with one of three singles by Holly St James (real name Lorraine Di Bonaventura) that also arrived in ’68. ‘That’s Not love’ is an enormous echoey Spector-esque wall-of-sound hat broods with incisive string chops and Holly’s groovy mid-‘60s vocal, a soul eruption that simmers with emotion. A £40 price tag for the original.
Both sides remastered for dance floor penetration.

    Release Date: 27 May 22 Cat No: DNSCR028