Lucy Liyou

Dog Dreams


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Bringing together ambient music, impressionism, sound poetry, and jazz, Dog Dreams is a rumination on the doublesidedness of trauma and love, on how one does not undercut the other, but are rather interlocked in an affective dialectic.

Although its name comes from the literal translation of the Korean term - which could mean anything from fanciful daydreams to nightmarish terrors, but always alluding to the idea that they are nonsensical, unrealistic, or simply silly - Lucy Liyou's sophomore album instead takes seriously these questions of why we dream what we dream, what slumber offers us that sober reality fails to, and which forgotten desires dare only emerge as our bodies go to rest. RIYL: Elysia Crampton, Eiko Ishibashi, Mariah Carey, Valerio Tricolor (Tour Sketch), Perfume Genius
    Release Date: 01 Jun 23 Cat No: LPADR55