Lynch Kingsley

Astral Pulse / Capricorn


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Foxy Jangle returns with one of modern Jungle's freshest up and coming artists – Lynch Kingsley.

With previous releases on Rua Sound, Med School and Flexout Audio under his belt, Lynch hinted at his own darker new sound with 'Void', on Inperspective Records.

LK's Foxy Jangle debut explores this dark, complex space further, delivering a double uppercut of cerebral, visceral jungle futurism. With a clear nod to past masters, Lynch's craftmanship takes classic signatures forward into the unknown, with hyperdetailed sound design and razor-sharp precision drum programming across both sides.

Coming in at a combined length of 15 minutes, both tracks have a dense, epic feel, making for an intensive headphone workout. This is challenging music at its rewarding best.
    Release Date: 22 Aug 19 Cat No: FOXY5