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On Delta, a dozen artists across four continents freely interpret Fountain across a double LP, again featuring Donna Huanca’s surreal artwork, and the unearthly graphic manipulations of Nufolklore Studios. Remaining faithful to Fountain’s presentation, Lyra’s curation reflects her commitment to stylistic diversity, with the old guard and the next wave alongside each other. Where some artists chose to rework existing works, others composed new material from fragments found across the record. The results showcase the very themes of wordless identity conflict and technological concerns that Lyra and her foremothers have projected.

Lyra Pramuk & Valgeir Sigurasson - "Offering"
Lyra Pramuk & Colin Self - "Witness" (Selfless rework)
Lyra Pramuk & KMRU - "Constructs Of Still"
Lyra Pramuk & Hudson Mohawk - "Tendril" (Midnight Peach rework)
Lyra Pramuk & Kara Lis Coverdale - "Returnless"
Lyra Pramuk & Caterina Barbieri - "Tendril" (Germinative rework)
Lyra Pramuk & Vessel - "Fountain (Ars Amatoria)"
Lyra Pramuk & Eris Drew - "Sugarcube Revelations"
Lyra Pramuk & Eris Drew - "Everything Is Beautiful & Alive"
Lyra Pramuk & Ben Frost - "Cradle" (Patience rework)
Lyra Pramuk & Gabber Modus Operandi - "Kaca Bulan Baru"
Lyra Pramuk & Heaven In Stereo - "Gossip" (Catalyst rework)
Lyra Pramuk & Nailah Hunter - "New Moon" (Distant Shores rework)
Lyra Pramuk & Tygapaw - "New Moon" (In Pisces rework)

    Release Date: Cat No: HVULAR39