Madvillain, Vol. 1

Abstract Orchestra


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Abstract Orchestra’s Madvillain Vol 1. explores the jazz, TV soundtrack and film score aspect of the original work of MF DOOM and Madlib's collaborative work as Madvillan -  combining it with classic big band writing and a focus on improvisation.

Bandleader and arranger Rob Mitchell says of the record: ‘”Madvillain’ is a jazz album as much as it is a hip-hop album and I wanted to explore this reciprocal territory there has always been between jazz and hip-hop. 70’s cop show soundtracks have always captured my interest and imagination, and I discovered so much amazing music through TV themes, Quincy Jones and Lalo Schifrin in particular. They explored sounds that were menacing, angular, dissonant, frantic and yet captivating. They were also able to write music that was the flip side of all that dark chaos, and write lush and beautiful music. Arranging and scoring up Madvillain Vol 1. Has allowed me to explore these sounds that I’ve always loved, yet keeping a strong hip-hop identity as the core of its sound.”

    Release Date: 01 Nov 18 Cat No: ATALP012