Marisa Anderson

Traditional And Public Domain Songs


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‘It’s worth asking whether the world needs another solo guitar record of folk standards. What makes the re-release of Portland guitarist Marisa Anderson’s 2013 record Traditional and Public Domain Songs worthwhile isn’t just the gorgeous, glowing tone she conjures from her guitars, but the humility with which she approaches these songs, giving them the opportunity to speak to us directly, without ostentation, postmodern posing or comforting nostalgia. Anderson’s stylistic straightforwardness asks us to remember that, though performed unaccompanied, each track here has its roots in communal experience and was brought into the world to be sung, chanted and shared. Meanwhile, her dexterous picking and gift for melodic variation highlights the power of the individual to embody and enliven well-known songs. Unusually for a solo guitar record, Traditional and Public Domain Songs feels like it listens as much as it speaks.’ DUSTED

Reissued here with new tracks. Marisa Anderson continues her streak of amazing solo guitar LP’s. On first glance of the track listing you may feel like you’ve heard it all before – classic folk songs and anthems – but trust me, Marisa takes these tunes to places they have never been. The vibe is heavy on this one. The guitar playing is beautiful at points and intense at others. Not for the faint of heart.

    Release Date: 26 Mar 21 Cat No: MRP114