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Nous’klaer Audio presents Martinou – Chiral, the follow full-length up to his 2021 album Rift. This time nine tracks across two vinyls. An album flowing ‘in a way’ like Rift, but it’s different: More outspoken, heavier sound design and it peaks on a blissful note.

“Open up the blinds and take me there. We’ll break the surface tension. We’ll dive in. I’m locked in your devotion. You give an inclination to our demise. It will be our exit. To bliss, we’ll be its guardian. Once there was love. Clear as glassy water. No ripples, no waves. I followed while you led. Our arrival was warm. Hot, even. Stunning to a startling degree. Hands intwined, frolicking towards the blue. Hours passed, and white heat cede to an orange hue. We cooled down. Red. We rallied. Black. It began. Into the deep darkness we ran. White sand, it has a tendency to get everywhere. Salt water will only dehydrate you more. Shriveled and dry. Scratchy and coarse. More. And then we were lost. Fingers once locked grew distant. Morning, dear. Where have you gone? We looked. A glimpse from afar. Red. We rallied. Shall we share a bottle of wine? Black, lost again. Afternoon, friend. Where were you? Red. Alone. Black. We rallied. Shall we try somewhere new? Sand and salt. Evening, sir. Reservation for one? Reservations a plenty, I say. Evening, miss. Dining alone? Aren’t we all? Dining, miss, not dying. Oh, yes, alone. Black. Sand and salt. I found you. No. No. Wait, do I know you? You feel like a dream. Don’t touch me. Move along, sir. Who are you? Leave. Who are you? Where did you go? Keep moving. I am, I will. Time to move on. I’m moving! Leave. Don’t touch me. Leave. Why are you? Exit. Purple. Orange. Yellow. White. Blue. Morning, dear. Shall we have breakfast? I think I’ll sleep some more. But it’s our last day. I know. See you downstairs when you’re ready. OK. I open up the blinds. A bird breaks the surface tension. Locked in. To Devotion? No. Demise. An inclination. Reverie. Take me there. Where? Exit (To Bliss)" Text by Gregory Markus

    Release Date: 08 Sep 23 Cat No: NOUSLP008