Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena

West Kensington


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The cult of Mary Lattimore is strong and growing by the day - Her work in demystifying the harp, especially in an approachable yet avant setting, makes her a huge favorite within the underground and expanding circles She became friends with guitarist Paul Sukeena when they both lived in Philly. Sukeena, of Angel Olsen's live band and formerly of Spacin' and Steve Gunn's live band, and Lattimore ended up in Los Angeles and for a while were next door neighbors. Working through processed guitar, synth and Lattimore's trademark harp sounds the duo create inviting and comfortable miniature universes that are kindred spirits with Eno's expansive works like "Apollo" and Alice Coltrane's expansive works. Great stuff.
    Release Date: 01 Jun 22 Cat No: LPTLR138IE