Pollen Pt.III


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At long last, hi-tek whizz-kid Metrist returns to Timedance with the third addition to the ‘Pollen’ series and brings his epic trilogy started in 2019 to a breath-catching end.

Elevating an already unique approach of sonic craftsmanship to whole new levels, the London based producer delivers some of his wildest and most dramatic compositions to date while pushing further his signature blend of 22nd century dancefloor pyrotechnics.

From the angelic vocal cascades of opener « Leven Lever Liver Love » to the heart-wrenching heights of « Bullet Time », a playful and intricate display of cross-pollinated emotions shines through this collection of boundary pushing tracks, giving them a life of their own while bringing a stormy cycle of auditory experiments into human nature to completion

As thunderstorms form, pollen grains often ascend into clouds, soaking up humidity to a point they inevitably burst out, liberating innumerable particles that tumultuous winds send back to ground-levels.

With a false sense of distance and safety, we sit back and watch the lightning strike in complete awe, unaware of pollen slowly descending from the skies, making its way through our lungs and deep into our bodies ; the storm may be over, but Pollen has now fully become a part of us.
    Release Date: 31 May 23 Cat No: TIMEDANCE027