Michael Hurley

Hi-Fi Snock Uptown


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Featuring 14 twisted songs produced by 'Banana' and Joe Bauer, Hi Fi Snock Uptown saw Hurley amplifying some of Armchair Boogie's willfully esoteric qualities and delivering an album that explores the full range of his sound, from blues to country and folk to playful sounds -- like his crow impressions on 'Old Black Crow.' As 'Twilight Zone' neatly puts it, 'everything is weird.' It also features some of his most loved songs such as 'Water Train,' 'Eyes, Eyes,' and the gorgeous traveling track 'Blue Driver.' This is the highly sought-after album sounding better than it ever has, complete with Hurley's own unmistakable sleeve art.
    Release Date: 03 Mar 10 Cat No: MR048