Happy Songs For Happy People

LP - transl green

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Mogwai’s 2003 album ‘Happy Songs for Happy People’ gets a welcome vinyl pressing from Pias Recordings, reminding of the brilliance of this well-loved group. On tracks like ‘Ratts of the Capital’, it is a thrill to hear the band’s full scope, with atmospheric piano and guitar licks building into a huge mass of fuzzy melancholy. Elsewhere, the album contains some of Mogwai’s most haunting numbers: the mournful strings of ‘Moses? I Amnt’, the wide-eyed and wistful pianos of ‘Golden Porsche’, and the naively twinkling electronics of ‘I Know You Are But What Am I?’.

Pressed on transparent green vinyl (limited to 5,000)

    Release Date: 05 Oct 23 Cat No: PIASX035LPX