Mustafa Ozkent

Genclik Ile Elele


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Regarded amongst hardened collectors of Anatolian rock as The Daddy of all Turkish rarities, this record simply has to be heard to be believed and even then it’s still literally unbelievable. Is this record for real? Either these guys had time-machines or DJ Kool Herc had secret Eastern connections. If a box of original copies of this seldom-sighted album had made its way to the South Bronx in the late seventies then Mustafa Ozkent would be sharing throne space with other ultimate breaks and beats such as Michael Viners ‘Incredible Bongo Band’, Funky Drummer and Johnny The Fox bringing modern record collectors new found Turkish obsession forward by some 20 years.

Ozkent had a good reputation amongst forward-thinking studio engineers and was respected for his work as an arranger with an open mind and wealth of unique musicians at his disposal. Mustafa embarked on his first self-penned LP which would test the boundaries of the new sonic medium by creating a lively and futuristic rhythmical pop sound. Mustafa enlisted the services of ‘Evren’ hammond organist Umit Aksu who would inject Hawkshaw style Champ-vamps throughout the LP while a young (future Anadolu SSW star) Cahit Oben would accompany Mustafa on a second guitar to secure some heavy Anatolian-psych interplay begging comparisons to that of Micky Karoli from Krautrockers ‘Can’ . 

    Release Date: 20 Nov 20 Cat No: JPR031LP