Nathan Salsburg



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These pieces are the products of late Winter '19/Spring '20 at home in Kentucky and, though they've come to take on a variety of new personal resonances, especially here in Pandemic Season, they owe their existence to my being belatedly hipped in 2019 to The Caretaker's "An Empty Bliss Beyond This World" -- the most emotionally effective re-use of 78-rpm records I likely could have imagined. That album nudged me to attempt a similar approach, locating melodic fragments on 78s that could serve as bases for new compositions. The caveat was/is that I am near entirely bereft at home-recording gear and skills, and thus (conveniently) approached these pieces as experiments in restriction: instruments are electric guitar, homemade lap-steel, and 78-rpm record samples. No effects beyond those of the guitar amplifier and speed-/pitch-adjustments applied to source recordings were used.
    Release Date: 29 Jun 23 Cat No: NOQ066LP