Natural Wild

Hot & Sexable / Morgan Buckley Remixes


Sold Out

Remastered & Re-Edited & Remixed versions of the funky rocky disco ‘Quare Groove’ classic first released on the group's own Feral Records imprint in Ireland in 1985. Originally inspired by Con O Laoghaire,s trip to Carnival in Trinidad ‘where a woman told me she would see me later at a fete when she was looking ‘Hot and Sexable’’. Full vocal version sung by Denise Keogh. Plus three versions reimagined by Morgan Buckley (Wah Wah Wino / No 'Label') using source stems from the original 1985 master lacquer and multitrack tapes courtesy of Windmill Lane Studios. Some freaky heat!
    Release Date: 24 Sep 20 Cat No: ACNW12x1