Nubiyan Twist

Freedom Fables


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Woven around soul searching, cautionary tales and parables for modern life, the Freedom Fables is the most accomplished yet by the Leeds / London collective, effortlessly fusing different soul, jazz and global styles with great musicianship and lyrics.

"Freedom Fables reflects on the power of narratives. Each vocalist on this record explores their own memoirs, a freedom of expression underpinning our belief that music is the ultimate narrative for unity," explains Tom Excell. “The record references a lot of music that we all loved during our formative years; you can hear touches of broken beat, blunted hip hop, highlife, Latin, jazz and UK soul running through the tracks."

Morning Light (feat Ria Moran)
Tittle Tattle (feat Cherise)
Ma Wonka (feat Pat Thomas)
Buckle Up (feat Soweto Kinch)
Keeper (feat Cherise)
If Only (feat Ruby Wood)
24-7 (feat Ego Ella May)
Flow (feat Cherise)
Wipe Away Tears (feat Nick Richards)
If I Know (feat Kog)

    Release Date: 12 Mar 21 Cat No: STRUT225LP