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DOSE are back with our first event of the year at plugd. Dip your toes into the water for an intimate evening of ambient soundscapes and goth pop experimentalism with Olan Monk and Batoh Labradorite. Both artists focus on a sense of place and memory, encompassing layered musical elements and field recordings into their work.

Olan Monk is a musician, performer and writer from Connemara, Ireland. Through their music, described as ‘heavy pop’, ‘autotune punk’ and ‘gothy DIY electro-pop’, Olan questions the context and conditions through which pop music has come to exist and continues to change shape, and examines the process of creativity through both solitude and community.

They co-founded C.A.N.V.A.S. as an events series and record label established to give collective agency to an increasingly dispersed community of artists. Their practice involves experimental and popular songwriting, performing as a solo act and in collaboration with other musicians, including recordings and performances with Actress, Ashley Paul, Elvin Brandhi, Jam City, James K, Maria Somerville and Michael Speers. Past releases include Love/Dead (2020) and Auto Life (2021) on C.A.N.V.A.S. and Dubplate 08 (2022) on AD 93. They will be fresh off the heels of a UK tour with labelmates 33, and a Galway show with Róisín Berkeley.

Nami Sato grew up in Sendai, in a small town on the coast of Japan. Her atmospheric music inspires both calmness & wonder. Through a musical language, Nami explores both the more fundamental dimensions of life; love, death, reincarnation, birth and the more lighthearted ones: green tea at sunrise, long plane journeys, the beauty of the sun on the sea - a juxtaposition that highlights both the grandeur and introspective style of her songwriting.

When not working as a composer for television and short films, she contributes to local art projects and works on independent albums. In 2018, she qualified for the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin as a solo ambient musician. Past releases include Our Map Here (2019) and World Sketch Music (2021) on The Ambient Zone and the self-released Doubarataki (2022).

Batoh Labradorite - Doubarataki

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