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Nomos O'Riada Reimagined


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Composer Sean O'Riada (1931-71) built the foundations of Irish art music by extending traditional music via both classical and folk music. Ordnance Survey’s Nomos: O'Riada Reimagined uses compositional processes within the field of Spectral Music, where decisions are often informed by sonographic representations and mathematical analysis of sound spectra. Such music(s) might not be initially apparent to the ear and historically, innovations within acoustics and psychoacoustics have directly informed these musical possibilities. Nomos: O'Riada Reimagined uses technology as a mode of expression and it is hoped that this variation adds to the language of experimental electronic music in Ireland.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Neil O Connor at the National Concert Hall and Home Studios from Sept 2019 - February 2022.
Neil O Connor: Steinway Grand Piano
Make Noise Shared System Modular Synthesizer
Arp 2600 Modular Synthesizer
Moog Voyager / Koma Field Recorder Kit
Audio Processing: Max/MSP/ SPEAR / Cecilia 5 / Pd / Paul Stretch / Spindrift Playground / Sound Grain / IRCAM Audiosculpt 3.4.6

Pedal Steel by David Murphy
    Release Date: 25 Oct 22 Cat No: SCINT22