Scenic Route Ep


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‘Scenic Route’ is the leading single from Ruffien’s upcoming debut album – To Win in Silence. It blends the sultry with the psychedelic - consisting of rolling, tribal percussion and a constant whirling, dub-like atmosphere throughout.

The single’s remixes are courtesy of New York resident Cofaxx (Nous Disques, Atlantic Rhythms) who approaches the remix with a smooth & warm touch, and North Carolina’s very own sonic wizard Kwala (HLF/PIN, Project Mooncircle) – who flips the original track on its head and effortlessly delivers something hectic & unpredictable.

Also featured is a remix by Orlando Voorn that picks up slowly, then accelerates and gets your groove on. All the while, the peaceful backing melody counters the intense rhythm and turns this version into an absolute ear-pleaser.
    Release Date: 27 Apr 22 Cat No: DPTX 028