Mantis 12


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The hybridised nature of modern dub-rooted club music continues to define Delsin's Mantis series continues to platform hybridised variations on modernist soundsystem music with the arrival of RVSHES, the production partnership from Logos (James Parker) and DB1 (Dylan Brownsword). On Mantis 12 they their precision-tooled drum pressure is being applied to six exacting studies in rig-ready rhythm and repetition. There's a spartan, cyclical nature to the work they carry out, setting up a sturdy beat set to non-standard timings and teasing it out over an extended run time, but they also exercise a keen sense of infinitesimal progression, edging their tracks past DJ tool territory into a more captivating headspace. Maintaining the immersive atmospherics of the Mantis series to date, theirs is a sharply focused sound which sits at the intersection of tough minimal techno and polyrhythmic broken beat, positively geared towards DJs favouring inventive building blocks in their sets.
    Release Date: 07 Jul 23 Cat No: DSR/MTS12