Sandy Denny

The Early Home Recordings


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Double black vinyl LP, compiling the rare Home Recordings of Sandy Denny. Never pressed to vinyl and in partnership with the Sandy Denny estate. Twenty-seven 1960s recordings of pre-Fairport Sandy Denny – nearly all making their vinyl debut! This essential collection includes two different demos of her classic “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” (and other songs penned by her – some later recorded by Fairport), plus heartfelt covers of songs by Jackson C. Frank, Fred Neil, and traditional folk songs. The definitive collection of Denny’s home demos and authorized by her estate.

Tracklisting: 1 Blues Run The Game, 2 Milk & Honey, 3 Soho, 4 It Ain't Me Babe, 5 East Virginia, 6 Geordie, 7 In Memory, 8 Love My True Love, 9 Let No Man Steal, 10 Ethusel, 11 Setting Of The Sun, 12 Boxful Of Treasures, 13 Who Knows Where The Time Goes (One 1967), 14 Carnival, 15 Don't Seem To Know You, 16 Gerrard Street, 17 Motherless Children, 18 Moves Through The Fair, 19 Time Has Come, 20 Little Bit Of Rain, 21 Go Your Own Way My Love, 22 Seven Virgins, 23 Blue Tattoo, 24 Cradle Song, 25 Quiet Land Of Erin, 26 Fotheringay, 27 Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Two 1968).
    Release Date: 23 Apr 22 Cat No: EARTHLP048