Scientist Meets The Crazy Professor

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The Mighty Scientist meets Jamaica’s original Crazy Mad Professor in a dub showdown pitching their best musical shots against each other. The winner.....well only you can decide!!!
The connection between these two great Mixers/ Producers is that they both learned the trade and also cut their musical teeth working with the master himself King Tubby. Scientist (b.Overton Brownie,1960, Jamaica) and the Crazy Mad Professor (not to be confused with the London based Mad Professor, Neil Frazer , Ariwa Sounds) initially both helped King Tubby (b. Osbourne Ruddock) wind his transformers for his main business of electrical repairs. They both moved over to engineering and mixing when the need arose due to the heavy demands on Tubby’s time and studio became too great.
Scientist and The Crazy Mad Professor built their careers on these formative years of training, as they say, if you learn from the best your knowledge can only hold you in good stead and it certainly has with both these talents. We have pitched both against each other on some great rhythms recorded at the legendary Channel 1 Studio’s and then mixed by them at King Tubby’s Studio. As was often the case when rhythms needed voicing / versioning for that classic dub cut.
    Release Date: Cat No: JRLP041