Set Fire To Flames

Sings Reign Rebuilder


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Sings Reign Rebuilder was the stunning 2001 debut LP from Set Fire To Flames - a sprawling, adventurous 13-piece Montreal collective, inc. 7 members of Godspeed you Black Emperor! and others from bands like A Silver Mt Zion, Fly Pan Am, etc.

The sole reason FatCat’s 130701 imprint was founded, the LP remains an incredible and unique document. Recorded over a 5-day period in a rickety old house in a communal atmosphere of long-duration improvised creative activity, operating on no sleep / confinement / intoxication, it was brilliantly edited to mix post-rock guitar-scapes; extended passages of scratchy, freeform improv and concrete clatterings; atmospheric location recordings; stirring, chamber string arrangements; deep/sparse drones; and Kraut-like, heavily rhythmic workouts.
    Release Date: 13 Oct 22 Cat No: LP13XX01