Tectonic EP


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René Pawlowitz presents himself in many different forms; whether it’s as Head High, EQD, Wax, WK7, The Traveller or more recently as Hoover - he consistently, and without any fuss or hype - produces some of the most effective, quality techno you can find on the planet. The Shed alias is usually reserved for his best work.

With this in mind, it really is a special event to announce this amazing new EP from Shed on Tectonic, showcasing 3 distinctive and highly effective techno cuts.

‘Try’ takes a broken-beat techno rhythm for it’s spine - reminiscent a little of the 2008/9 dubstep/techno crossover period. Tension is set with dissonant elements pulsing around swooping subs until we are saved by the heroic pads that ease in, building ever upwards to a lush finale. Close your eyes and be transported back to the rave.

‘Box’ is a darker, more percussive affair - claustrophobic and industrial. 130bpm 4/4 distorted kicks set the stage as frantic drum machine hats and claps crash about heavily reverb’ed ghostly samples.

Lastly we come to ‘Sweep’, a hypnotic bleepy roller with a bass heavy presence. As the riff loops up and over, drums build and a dissonant synth part creeps in. The not-quite 4/4 kick drives you ever forward with a gentle stumble as rattling hi hats flair about over head. Great finish to a great EP.
    Release Date: 09 Apr 21 Cat No: TEC112