Space Dimension Controller

Neuclidea / Hodge Remix


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Space Dimension Controller’s first release in 2023 is also his first outing to Running Back. Needless to say that it pushes all the right buttons. Warm and playful, but forcing and with fresh jive, Neuclidea and its siblings revolve around classic SDC values. Nevertheless, the Irish melodist is also moving on to new pastures. Hardware sequencing, vintage digital synthesizers via analogue processing spawn a sound that pirouettes as much around the lost cyber-hippie poetry of Border Community as it’s the effigy of fast balearic euphoria – if Ibiza would have been a party scene in Gattaca. Completing this treasure chest is a remix by Hodge for the pragmatic minded out there. Using some heavy drums of the west, his version of Neuclidea extracts the trance-like elements of the original and turns it into a floor-polishing brush. To sum up: music for heartbroken and lovesick victims alike.
    Release Date: 03 Feb 23 Cat No: RB114