Terrence Dixon &Jordan Gcz

Keep In Mind I'm Out Of My Mind


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Detroit’s Terrence Dixon & Amsterdam’s Jordan GCZ embark on a stellar maiden voyage with six tracks of hi-tech space jazz that perfectly merge their mutual, machine-made styles.

Blessed with equal measures of classic, techgnostic spirit and deep club adventure, ’Keep In Mind I’m Out Of My Mind’ arrives at a logical conclusion for the two fellow travellers of techno’s astral pathways. In 2019, the pair made acquaintance while Dixon was on a rare mission to Europe, where, during days of coffee drinking and discussion, the pair jammed on hours of improvised recordings at Jordan’s Czmanski’s studio.

Shared backgrounds and passions for Detroit techno begat a properly intuitive approach, with nary a word spoken while they felt their way thru Jordan’s stacks of vintage hardware, resulting in these genuinely outstanding examples of a near psychic dialogue, with wickedly offbeat rhythms providing a mix of locked in sequencer magick and more freeform flights of imagination unafraid to colour out of the lines, across the bars, and unzip grid-locked minds in the process.

We can safely classify ‘Keep In Mind I’m Out Of My Mind’ in a very special vector of Motor City-debted tekkerz. Presented largely as-it-was-made, with minimal edits or overdubs, it’s a real pleasure to follow their vibes, with mostly longer tracks prone to break down and veer off, refracted at angles by their glowing energy. The padded pulse and glyding keyboards of ’Fretless’ gives it a supple start, where ‘Operation Delete’ follows on the offbeat – our favourite sort of Dixon gear – in 8 mins of ad(et)roit hi-tech jazz style, to the lone distress signal of ‘Space Chime’, and a standout stripe of lemniscate arps that bloom into glorious red planet organ figures on ‘Axis Mundi’, while ‘State of The Nile’ goes fully Ra-esque modal space techno, and ‘Above Ground’ brings it to earth in a coarsely wired echo of rhythmelodic, West African drum patterns.
    Release Date: 29 Sep 22 Cat No: RHM 038