The Seeds

Pushin' Too Hard / Girl I Want You


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Sky Saxon’s disaffected anthem ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ is familiar to even the most casual pop-picker. But even the most die-hard Seeds fan will not have the full-length take featured on this limited single. It features the missing verse edited out of the final mix that became a US hit in late 1966. 

Accompanying this prize rarity is a stupendous alternate version of one of the Seeds’ most punkoid moments. ‘Girl I Want You’ is one of the highlights from “The Seeds”, yet as wild as the album cut is, this take, with harmonica and a rawer, completely different vocal, takes it to a new level. Dig Sky’s lengthy rap during the final rave-up, where he blurts out the phone number to his Glendale rooming house, with a promise to “take you so high, right over purple clouds up above”.
    Release Date: 31 Mar 14 Cat No: NW502