No Treasure But Hope

LP - Standard

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LP - Standard

Includes MP3 download of album. Limited Edition die cut sleeve

Three years since their last album proper, singer Stuart Staples decided Tindersticks’ return called for something special and No Treasure but Hope, is very much that! Rich in intuitive warmth, lush melodies and an inquisitive spirit, it’s an album that casts a fresh light on Tindersticks’ core qualities, bathed in the glow of a band intent on rediscovering what they can do. Expanding the horizon without losing the focus, No Treasure but Hope manages to collect some of the band’s most immediate work in one outstanding album.
This is the bands twelfth record, the earliest Tindersticks release being in 1991.

    Release Date: 15 Nov 19 Cat No: Slang50236LP