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The new EP cruises into the aforementioned track with the Lerosa remix of "The Swim Meet" which applies Italo and melodic electro influences while maintaining a booming kick-drum and elastic bassline throughout.

Next up is a 10 minute hardware based acid house remix of "I'm Dreaming Again" by Detroit house luminary Scott Ferguson. This track builds from start to finish where slick and emotional production breathes life throughout.

Next up and for their first released remix legendary Irish electronic music duo Dechord (Decal + Americhord) provide a hypnotic and club ready techno/electro remix of "Stay Offline" where glistening emotional synths combine with a pulsing kick and percussion section to create a dynamic remix.

Maintaining the EP's variation Westcoast Goddess provides a crisp and intelligent instrumental deep house remix of "Pitchshift" featuring musical interplay between deep bass. jazz influenced chords and the SH101.

Rounding off the EP Toby Kaar contributes an organic downtempo remix of "Minimal Nelson" where clever formulation of various elements eases out the EP in fine style.
    Release Date: 16 Mar 23 Cat No: IR003