Trance Farmers & Kourtney Roy

Queen Of Nowhere

LP - white

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"Queen Of Nowhere" is the result of the photographic works by Kourtney Roy and the musician Dayve Samek (Trance Farmers) initiated by IIKKI, between November 2021 and March 2022.

The man behind the name Trance Farmers is Dayve Samek, a wanderer from Los Angeles to Louisiana, and his music has picked up just about every influence it can along the way. He has recorded his first album in 2014 on Leaving Records (Stones Throw Records). Not sure how to classify his music ranges, but something between sweaty, garage-born ballads brush shoulders with drifter anthems and gasoline drenched doo wop with at some points some beats close from the past Anticon works should make the point.

The Canadian photographer Kourtney Roy was born in Northern Ontario in 1981. Intrigued by the possibility of creating a tragic mythology of the self, she conjures an intimate universe pervaded by both wonder and mystery. Her photographer’s eye is drawn to places and settings whose lyrical qualities underscore the sublime banality of everyday life.

Roy’s studies in photography, at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver and later at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, inspired her to develop her finicky aesthetic, which lends itself particularly well to both glossy paper and film. Roy works extensively as an independent photographer/filmmaker in the art world. Instilled with a dark sense of humor, taking their clues as much from the grotesque nature of seemingly placid settings as from the tensions simmering just under the surface, her photographs have garnered many prizes, including the Prix Picto in 2007, The Emily Award in Canada in 2012 and the Prix Carte Blanche PMU/Le Bal in 2013 and the Pernod Ricard Carte Blanche in 2018.
    Release Date: 20 Jun 22 Cat No: IIKKI017LP