Trees Speak

Shadow Forms

LP - red vinyl

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These are strictly one-off coloured vinyl editions of these in-demand Trees Speak classic albums. When the band Trees Speak, coming out of nowhere, released an exclusive one-off 100-pressing white label 45, described as CAN/NEU! meets Liquid Liquid, it sold out so quickly (in less than 30 minutes) that Soul Jazz Records decided to release their album almost immediately. Soul Jazz Records rarely release new music but found the music of Trees Speak’s album ‘Ohms’ so stunning and to have so many elements of music that they admired that they felt compelled to release it.

The group Trees Speak are from Tucson, Arizona and create new music that sounds like krautrock meets no wave/post-punk and psych rock – music for fans of Cluster, Tangerine Dream, CAN, NEU!, Silver Apples and early Kraftwerk. Debut album ‘Ohms’ and second album ‘Shadow Forms’ sound at times like a tripped out and moody John Carpenter / Goblin / Ennio Morricone / John Barry soundtrack that seamlessly segues into propulsive, ‘motorik’ krautrock instrumentals loaded with fuzzy, hypnotic mellotron, synths and analogue effects, as well as elements of Art Ensemble free jazz, all at times reaching a kind of post-rave psychedelia. More recent comparisons would include Beak> and Ghost Box, who draw upon similar themes and styles.

    Release Date: Cat No: SJRLP457C