Tülay German & François Rabbath

Tülay German & François Rabbath


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Remastered vinyl reissues of the two essential albums by Turkish folk singer Tülay German, starting with the self-titled release (1980) and followed by "Hommage to Nazım Hikmet" (1982) in early 2022.

Referring heavily on turkish poets and the tradition of aşıks (singer-poets and wandering bards) these two albums represent unique and modern interpretations of turkish folk songs unmatched to this day. A matured artist with full conviction at the height of her powers! Back in the 60s Tülay German (*1935 in Istanbul, Turkey) shook the turkish music landscape with several 7" records. Most notably her first 7" record "Burçak Tarlası" (1964) is now considered the cornerstone of what was to become the Anadolu Rock/ Pop movement and underlines her rebellious nature and sense of justice.
    Release Date: 09 Sep 21 Cat No: ZEHRA003