Jahtarian Dubbers Vol 2


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Extra-early jump-in on this one as news reaches us today that it's just gone under the lathe at the Berlin cutting room of Dubplates & Mastering. No upfront sounds are available yet, but as long as you've been paying attention the last couple of years you'll already know how to react to a new Jahtari release without the need for an audio assist. And when that release is a collection of all new, previously unavailable joints by a line-up of such bone-melting bass wave pressurisors as is on patrol here, click your eager-anticipation dial up a few notches and wait for your circuits to be flooded with dub.

13 tracks, highlights including two solo tunes from Jahtari head-chef Disrupt, two new Dizza productions vocalled by El Fata and Soom T, Rootah in the mix on a fresh Solo Banton / Maffi cut, exclusive deep heat from Black Chow ("outed" since their incognito debut for Hyperdub's 'Five Years' collection as two-thirds of King Midas Sound, Kiki Hitomi & Kevin Martin). Then there's Tapes, Illyah & Ltd. Candy, Clause Four (creator of the Jahmiga 'Whiskey Bar' mash-up 45), Pupajim, and finally longtime Jahtari associates Ras Amerlock and John Frum (aka Type's Julien Neto), certifying the must-have status of 'Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2' with emphatic assurance.

    Release Date: 30 Apr 10 Cat No: JTRLP 02