Valentino Mora

Body Nostalgia EP


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Intercontinental Dance Organisation (IDO) is a new label co-owned by Valentino Mora, better known as French Fries from ClekClekBoom. Shed of his alias, the producer also leaves behind the stand-out traits of his music so far. Where French Fries felt sci-fi and futuristic, Mora pines for deep house of the past. This is part of IDO's bigger conceptual picture: music that "shifts the focus onto dancers," and is "less about technology and more about human spirit." On Body Nostalgia, the label's debut release, Mora plays up this romanticism with a two-tracker of delicate house.

Both tracks feature hushed sounds arranged into loose, nocturnal shapes. "Body Nostalgia (Erogenous Extended Dub)" is a sensual after-hours tune, with rosy ambiance and layers of soft hand drums that patter around a sleepy pulse. There's hardly any build or climax, just a continuous sense of rolling calm, like the breathing of someone asleep. "Steamroom (6AM Exaltation Mix)" is dark and hard in comparison, but still feels incredibly delicate: the teeming percussion is weightless, the bassline sedated and patient. With this kind of sound palette, the record has no trouble painting moods. But its rhythmic subtlety is out of touch with natural body movements and the soulfulness that keeps us coming back to early deep house today. - RA Review
    Release Date: 27 Jul 16 Cat No: IDO01