A Collection of Songs in the Traditional & Sean-Nós Style


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Nyahh Records is proud and excited to announce this compilation of singers, which has been on the back boiler for some time!! Inspired by the song collecting of Alan Lomax, this compilation brings together two generations of singers from all across the island of Ireland. Some of the songs previously appear on albums, but the rest were recorded by the singer themselves on their phones to give the song a real and raw effect that brings an authentic feel and immediacy to the songs. A long standing tradition in Irish culture, singing has taken place in pubs and private homes all over the country since the 13th Century and has been away to share and keep the music alive, passing it down to younger generations. It is considered to be an aural tradition, as a lot of these songs would of not been written down. Nyahh is honoured to be able to present this collection of songs to you from some of Ireland’s best singers.

“One fear I would always have, even in my class situation, is that the emphasis is on technicality – whereas for me, the whole thing is the feeling and heart and soul. That's what the older musicians had”
-Mary Bergin
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