A Litany Of Failures Volume IV


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We’re delighted to announce the release of the fourth volume of independent Irish compilation series A Litany of Failures, which features acts from all corners of the island. 

Although they’ve said it each time, this latest installment of A Litany of Failures really is the most far-reaching to date. The compilation aims to document the independent music community in Ireland, and the sheer wealth of creativity throughout it. Following truly remarkable releases in the last year, Elaine Howley, Icebear, This Ship Argo, Elaine Malone’s Mantua, and Trá Pháidín’s work represents some of the finest experimental and electronic music on the island, while offerings from Junior Brother, Shrug Life’s Danny Carroll and Laurie Shaw bring masterful songcraft and lyricism to the table.

On the confrontational end of the spectrum, raw feminist punks M(h)aol, LoF co-founder Paul O’Connor’s Licehead, and Jinx Lennon & Baby Nits’ contributions stamp the LP with their uncompromising immediacy. The phenomenal, fast-rising trio Search Results, Bog Band’s first release, and the latest from the prolific Ross Hamer’s new project, Hamer Place sit alongside long-standing idiosyncratic indie rock pillars of the community like Myles Manley, Naoise Roo, Junk Drawer and So Cow.

A Litany Of Failures began with the release of Volume 1 in 2016. This EP, released on cassette, featured Junk Drawer, Oh Boland, Shrug Life and That Snaake, and was launched with an Irish tour that summer. This release created the template that would later be expanded upon in Volume II & III, which featured 18 & 22 acts respectively. Both volumes were released on double vinyl and would sell out online, featuring the likes of Robocobra Quartet, The Bonk, Silverbacks, Problem Patterns, Grave Goods, Extravision, Cherym, Post Punk Podge, and many more.

The project was conceived as a way that DIY and independent artists could come together, collaborate and support each other in trying to take their own snapshot of the Irish music community, to be preserved for posterity – a “rising tide lifts all boats” mentality – while creating a quality product that could be deemed “Export Ready” in the modern Music-Biz™ parlance.
    Release Date: 08 Sep 23 Cat No: LOF 04