Various Artists

La Ola Interior, Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983 - 1990


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Bongo Joe presents 'La Ola Interior', a compilation exploring the ambient side of the Spanish electronic music produced in the 80’s, bringing together 19 little-known and innovative pieces from the golden age of Spanish electronic music !

It gathers musicians from various horizons and of many generations, who shared the desire to create an immersive soundscape and to combine electronic music with non-Western musical traditions. As a general rule, the Anglo-Saxon tropism did relate the spanish peninsula’s ambient music to the Balearic Sound, that is to say to the relaxing music played in Ibiza’s nightclubs. But this music takes place in the productive territory of experimental musics, and particularly in its two main breeding grounds: the tape recording underground and the independent musicians-producers scene.

Miguel A Ruiz - "Transparent"
Camino Al Desvan - "La Contorsion De Pollo"
Mecanica Popular - "Impresionistas 2"
Finis Africae - "Hybla"
Orfeon Gagarin - "Ultima Instancia"
Víctor Nubla - "2000 Lenguas"
Javier Segura - "Malaguenas 2"
Jabir - "Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Xauen"
Miguel A Ruiz - "Trivandrum"
Mecanica Popular - "Impresionistas 1"
Finis Africae - "Hombres Lluvia"
Esplendor Geometrico - "Sheikh"
Victor Nubla - "Chandernagor"
Luis Delgado - "El Llanto De Nouronihar"
Camino Al Desvan - "Adjudicado A La Danza"
Mataparda - "Me Llena La Cachimba"
Suso Saiz - "Horizonte Paseo"
Camino Al Desvan - "Fock Intimida A Gordi"
Mataparda - "La Papa Suave"
Eli Gras - "Flu"

    Release Date: 12 Mar 21 Cat No: BJR 059