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Sound Wonders: A Series of Epics is the second compilation from Touchtheplants, the imprint and multidisciplinary creative environment founded by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Sean Hellfritsch (aka Cool Maritime). Following 2020's Breathing Instruments, the new collection features sonic responses to a new prompt. Like its predecessor (which explored music as an extension of the human body and the natural world), the medium of focus here dates back to ancient civilizations. Smith invited artists to compose music based on the idea of epics: the long poems and narrative verse works that have detailed deeds and adventures since the dawn of storytelling. The musicians — some of today's most exciting practitioners of experimental sound design, instrumentation, and synthesis — took this directive loosely, realizing a series of vibrant and transportive songs evoking wondrous visions, subjects, and locales.
From Elori Saxl’s chamber piece to Olive Ardizoni’s ode to the strange and beautiful phenomenon of starling murmurations with synth and xylophone tones the album splays out like chapters in a panoramic account of all that surrounds us.

Elori Saxl: Moss II
Matthewdavid’s Mindflight: Mycelial Mountain Flute
Appa Wú Wéi: Liila
Emile Mosseri: You’ve Got That Cowboy Spark
Yialmelic Frequencies: Clunk
Nailah Hunter: Naiad’s Lament
Green-House: Starling Murmurations
Emily Ritz: Tempest
SK Kakraba: Pirrie

    Release Date: 08 Oct 21 Cat No: TTP108