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Super experimental project from our favourite maverick geniuses at Wah Wah Wino. Coming in hand-stamped, 'foot stomped' sleeve, "KWALK" is a 50+ minute collage of stitched together tape loops, library electronica, DIY experiments and smudged, after-hours narcotica. Landing somewhere between Dean Blunt, Tom Boogizm, Light Sounds Dark, Delia Derbyshire and Raymond Scott. Completely singular & immersive; there's an organic beauty lying in all its imperfections whilst the inspired vision by its curator takes the mind on a decidedly visionary journey through sounds and moods you didn’t quite know existed. 100% recommended.

Features: Roger Doyle, Mr & Ms KWalker, Sli Town Crier, Olmo, Davy Kehoe, Morgan Buckley + some other surprise guests. It was compiled and stitched together over 3 years by Morgan Buckley and was stepped on by Riess Spätburgunder.

    Release Date: 25 May 22 Cat No: WINO-KET