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Lee Lines (Landscape Mixtape)


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DOE 002 – Lee Lines – Another Landscape Mixtape – 46 tracks from 32 artists

100% of proceeds are donated to Save Cork City' campaign - Love The Lee

Tracklist, Photographs, Automatic Writing, Lyrics, Poetry, Liner Notes, Screenshots and Ephemera chopped and screwed by some custom Chaos Code and made manifest in a zine. This is the physical format of the mixtape.

Raw, unfiltered sounds from the Emerald Isle and beyond. A blend of unheard archive recordings and fresh sonics recorded in the early weeks of 2021.

'The third release from The Department of Energy celebrates the real and imagined links, connections, alignments and energies shared by a raft of artists working within and without the rural, the riparian and the gothic.'

'It is a Landscape Mixtape containing strangers, islands, friends, family, Brigid, crossings, legends, language, peaks, valleys, engines, forecasts, dunes, cures, tombs, blooms, recollections and incantations.


Sea Faring Stranger (2021) – Stranger
North Bull (2021) – Laetitia
toj&j&j (2021) – Cormac Walsh
Breo – Laura LAIR
States of Change (2021) – Bé
Emmylou cover – Eimear Walshe
Hands – SC
The Morrigan – Megan Conery x The DOE
Dan Speaks to the Lee (2021) – aidnq
Lough Dan – aidnq
ating snow 4 (2021) – cosmo
on track (2017) – cosmo
The Destruction of Balor’s Tower (2021) – Dubh
My Wife Has Rejected Jesus (2018) – Neil Quigley
Schoenish (2021) – Uiscálainn
Psychedelic death drive – Repeater
Feorish (what’s the name of that river) – Eimear Walshe x The DOE
Dilation Language – Declan Synnott
The Ascendancy (Uiscálainn’s Scendish Mix) (2020) – Local Gods
Top Of Coom (2020) – Fulacht Fiadh
Descent Engine – Si B
round 2 (2021) – cosmo
Seance Weather Report (2021) – Shammen Delly
Thunder & Lightning – AC
Desert, Forest, Birds (2021) – Jamie Temple
Growth Ring (2021) – Mark Waldron–Hyden
Desert, Forest, Stories Of Lands Lost (2020) – Jamie Temple
Lee Lines (2021) – Quiet Clapping
V-shaped Valley (Leaving Cert Notes) – AC
Up The Bank To The Meeting Of The Wells – Natalia Beylis
Returned Home Cured (2020) – Richard Scriven
Electromagnetism – AC
Ag An Tobar Naofa – Clíona Éadoin Ní Laoi
Denton Fell Pipes – Peter J Corkhill x The DOE
All I Ask – Sean Being
I'd Rather Be Tending My Sheep – Ian Lynch
Gabhaim Molta Bríghde (2021) – Baptist Goth – Prod By Knochengesicht
Bus Notes from Drimnagh (2021) – Cam O’ Sullivan
Gortdrum Quarry (Dan Breen Recalls) (2021) – Dubh
Suaitiú – Richard Hughes
Boatish – Uiscálainn
Ag An Uaigh (At The Grave, Soundwork) – Clíona Éadoin Ní Laoi
Reform (2014) – A Crown of Branches
Ice Fog – Si B
Start To Stop – You & I
Where Did The Future Go (2020) – Stranger

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