Xenia Pestova Bennett

Atomic Legacies


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Internationally-acclaimed pianist Xenia Pestova Bennett releases a landmark new record entitled Atomic Legacies, on Diatribe Records, available as limited-edition vinyl and digital. The release features two of Xenia Pestova Bennett's major collections: Glowing Radioactive Elements and the award-winning Atomic Legacies, commissioned by PRSF Women Make Music and featuring the Ligeti Quartet. The recording features the Magnetic Resonator Piano, designed by Andrew McPherson. Electromagnets are installed above the strings of a regular concert grand without physical contact with the action, allowing for control of minute details of shimmering resonance, fragile pitch bends, sliding crescendi from silence and sustained "bowed" sounds that the performer can shape directly from the keyboard.

    Release Date: 06 Mar 20 Cat No: DIALP028