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Store Duties


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Artisjok Records is happy to announce the first release of XL Regular's album, "Store Duties". Hailing from the city of Rome, XL Regular is a young and innovative producer who seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of musical genres, including jazz, broken beat, house, and soul, into a mixed journey experience. The foundation of XL Regular's identity is grounded in a profound love for percussions and grooves. Drawing inspiration from global percussion traditions, XL Regular weaves intricate rhythms that form the backbone of his tracks. The result is a sound that is both dancefloor-friendly and artistically rich, showcasing his abilities producing over a broad spectrum of electronic music genres. You'll notice a rich fusion of traditional and contemporary influences. The jazz elements add a layer of sophistication and intricacy to the compositions, while the broken beat rhythms create a dynamic and ever-evolving sound. This blend is skilfully infused with the groove-inducing essence of house music and the timeless emotive power of soul. In the vast realm of the internet, where connections are not often strong and sometimes superficial, XL and AliA discovered each other in the world of music. It all began with a simple online exchange, a connection that would evolve into a profound friendship and a transformative journey into life inside and outside the music industry. "The album for me is an occasion to fullfill the need to express myself throughout every style of music I want to produce, without forcing myself into genres, something that felt natural for a label like Artisjok" - XL Regular
    Release Date: 08 Feb 24 Cat No: AR0001